Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I am so over training for this Marathon. I want my Saturday's back and I want to sleep in instead of worrying about getting 10 miles in before 6:30 on weekday mornings! I think this will most likely be my first and last marathon.

All that said, I am committed to doing it. Most importantly because I am doing it for Team World Vision and I really believe in the cause. I have committed to getting kids sponsored in Kenya. To this point I have 3 kids that need sponsored. I have had no success at getting anyone to commit to providing for these kids. It is a $35/month commitment. World Vision does all the hard work you just have to sign the checks. You get to even hear from the kids and you are essentially saving them. Any takers? I am not asking you to do something I am not committed to doing myself. I am sponsoring a little girl named Mary from Kenya. If you are interested I can get you more details!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


So I am reading The Kind Diet and really considering taking the challenge to become completely vegan. I have been flirting with this idea for quite a while now. We do try to eat only antibiotic and hormone free meat but I do think I still feel sluggish quite a bit and my skin doesn't look tip top. So maybe it is time to give up meat, dairy, and white sugar for good.

Are any of you other runners vegan? How has it affected your running? How has it affected your general health? If you have children do they follow vegan diets? Thoughts are much appreciated!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sweaty Saturday

I was supposed to run 12 miles Saturday. I woke up at 6:15 AM and really felt like I could easily keep sleeping. However, I knew a bunch of runners running for Team World Vision would be meeting at the Y at 7 so obviously I should go, because there is Power in People!

I got there and ran faster than normal thanks to a 65 year old man who pushed me for 5 miles. I had very mixed emotions about running with him. Loved the company and getting to know someone and hear their story through running was exciting. Depressed that he was 40 years older than me and I thought he was trying to kill me. I was anxious knowing he only planned to run 5-6 miles for that point in our run to come so I could slow down! Yet, worried if I could finish the last half alone.

So after 5 miles he left and I took a quick water/potty break. I ran the rest of the 7 and felt pretty good and wanted to go ahead and run another 1.1 to see if I'd be close to my mini time. It wasn't record breaking but I did beat it by 3 minutes and I felt great. I really felt like I could have done 15 miles, but I didn't want to kill myself. After I was done I was dripping! My shorts felt like wet swim trunks just sticking to me. I really thought that passerby's had to think I was standing there peeing on myself. Which I was NOT! All in all I give myself an A for effort and thought the day was successful!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Food Friday

I have been loving grilling the most wonderful Indiana bounty lately. My two latest creations are the portabella burger (pictured) and grilled eggplant parm.
I marinated the portabella burger in worcestershire, olive oil, balsamic and spike seasoning. Grilled for 6 min. each side and topped with provolone, basil, roasted red pepper chutney, and a toasty bun. Delicious!
What has been your favorite summer meal?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back from Vaca

I loved our beach vacation! It was so relaxing and like all vacations ended to quickly. I did actually get out there and run my 10 miles on Sunday. It was nice to have a new running scene. I have been running now for about 8 months and am really getting sick of the same old houses, streets, dogs, etc.

I also learned that southern Florida running feels much different than Indiana running. I was drinking way more water and was just dripping. I could have wrung out my shorts! I'm not sure if being so hot or the ocean salt water did something to my muscles or what, but I was actually less sore the day after than I am here on much shorter distances! That was nice.

I feel like between running (not as much as I needed to to) and swimming/body surfing, I should have maintained my weight. Turns out that wasn't the case. I guess all the eating out didn't help! Ryan and I ate some amazing meals. I gained 3.5 lbs. I am actually not that upset. I assume getting back in the routine will allow me to take it off pretty quickly. It was also a good reminder that this has to continue to be a lifestyle for me!

Last night I did a 7 mile run by myself (my mom /running partner got hurt) with new tunes it was a nice change. I also used my first GU not a huge fan of the texture. Flavor was okay. I did feel like it helped me finish strong, but that could have been mental. Ryan refilled my bottles after mile 5 that was nice and made me feel loved to be able to swing by the house and hand them off. I also got totally spooked last night. I ran down a road I shouldn't have in the country and had a deer run out in front of me. I was just positive a coyote was going to eat my head, a skunk was going to spray, the deer was going to come back for me, or a snake was going to come back for me. I think I ran that mile in nearly half the time it typically takes. I wasn't working on intervals either! I also forgot about a dog that sits in its front yard (it was dark) and he scared the crap out of me. He is a yellow lab but is probably the size of me so when I was running by and saw him dart out of no where I thought for sure my jaw would never come unlocked and my toenail would surely fall off from tensing up and digging it into the ground! YIKES!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fallen Toenail

I ran 8 last Saturday and it was great! When I think of all the land I covered I actually can't believe it was only 8 miles. It felt great though and I felt like I could have done more miles if I would have needed to.

Unfortunately, my feet were really hurting that evening! Then my toenail on my recently pedicured feet fell off!!! YUCK! Luckily there is a toenail of sorts under there so I guess I will slap some polish on it and now worry about the nasty little booger.

I am getting ready to go to FL for a little over a week! I am really excited for a relaxing vacation and sandy beach runs. Hopefully I control my eating. I have been eating like crazy lately all the wrong stuff, particularly sweets which I don't typically even crave.

I am supposed to run 10 miles Sat. However, I will be in the car for my 20 hour trip so I plan on running it first thing Sunday. I am hoping that it will feel great after being couped up for a full day prior!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Tuesday from the Cage

I had one of those mornings in my bodyfit class where I felt energized and excited about how far I have come with my strength. Things that used to seem impossible are now no problem at all. I am really hoping all the time I am devoting toward strength and core will pay off in Chicago!

I have been struggling a little with my arches being very painful like tight balls. I've heard doing more calve stretches may help so I will try to be a better stretcher. I did rub a my foot on a tennis ball and that did seem to help a little this morning. Are you a good stretcher? Any Advice? I am not, I seem to always rush through a couple stretches after my run and then feel the need to hit the shower quickly before work.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a hot one in my neck of the woods. So I am going to shoot for a very early run. We'll see how I do when the alarm clock chirps!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Fabulous Father's Day Weekend

I had a great weekend. I got up early Saturday morning and got my 6 miles in. I was really feeling it though, because Friday (my typical rest day) I did 3 workout classes.

I woke up Friday in a funk and knew I needed to hit the gym if I wanted to be a normal person. I did one class and then decided to stay for Zumba b/c I thought that would perk me up and make me feel better. After that I thought, still not feeling great so I will stay for one more. Boy did I pay the price during my Saturday run! I was actually still feeling it today during my 3 miles. I did roll my feet on a tennis ball this morning and it did seem to help quite a bit.

Saturday ended great though b/c I got to go to a really nice wedding with my husband. It was nice to get all dressed up, travel together minus our daughter, dance, eat, talk. The simple things. Sunday morning we slept in later than we can remember doing in years!!! We picked up our daughter from Grandma's and had a fun filled day. I love those simple days when not a lot happens but you just soak up and enjoy life!

It is raining right now and I am dreaming about cake and coffee. So I will sign off for now and go get some coffee out of the break room, too bad there is no cake!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What is wrong with me

I just haven't been feeling up to working out much at all. Yesterday my dad wanted some help getting my mom some jewelry and that sounded like a totally suitable reason for abandoning my bodyfit class (which I typically love).

This morning I only had to run 3 miles but I struggled through it until the last 1/2 mile. I just didn't want to get up. I had a headache I feel swollen from the heat. I just feel yuck. However, once I pushed through. I actually had a decent time and a good run. There was a pretty nice breeze when I would run west. That actually made me smile because in a few weeks I will be in FL! I know it will be very hot and humid on my runs there, but the ocean breeze will make it all okay!

How has your training been going? What do you do when you get in a slump?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Running??? Not so much..

With my hubby out of town last week and catching my daughter's cold I was pretty much out for the count. I only ran two times the whole week! I did manage to get in five miles Saturday though. I realized that running has really become more therapeutic than I realized. Here all this time I have thought I just have to do this to stay fit physically. I had no idea what it was doing for my stress level! I felt so easily aggravated and irritated last week. This one has started off much better though! I ran in the muggy humidity this morning and am feeling back to normal.

I also got an awesome new CD to run with. It is a Women of Faith Worship CD. It had a much better beat than I thought it would honestly. It really kept me fired up on my morning run. I love when I can start my morning with a run, a clear my mind, be uplifted by all the beauty that surrounds me, get home with immense thankfulness for the beautiful faces that are waiting for me, and head to the shower with a bold bodied wonderful smelling coffee in tow!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Bounty

Yesterday was a great day! I had to run 3 miles and was semi forced to do it on the "dreadmill". I really pushed myself though and did a 5K in 36minutes. I was quite pleased. I was dripping wet. I hate that the gym always feels like hot stale air!

I jumped off the treadmill ran to my car and hightailed it across town to pick up the bounty! We got 1/4 an Angus hormone and antibiotic free cow! I am so excited to try the fresh healthy meat and all the different cuts. Yesterday was also the first day of our summer CSA so we got loads of wonderful organic produce including fresh strawberries!!!

Last night for dinner I had a salad made with spinach and spring greens, pea sprouts, corn, black beans, red onion, tomato, edamame, cilantro, and 100 cal pack of cheese, with a squeeze lime juice salad. I also indulged in a 110 everything bagel with a triangle of laughing cow cheese. It was amazing!!!

This morning after my 5 miler I had amazing oats! Oats made with water and 1T of skim. A dollop of fat free cool whip, fresh peach slices, and a sprinkle of brown sugar. This will likely be a summer staple meal. It was so filling and so delicious. Kind of tasted like peach pie or cobbler for breakfast!!!

What do you like to eat for breakfast? Pre-run or Post? What are your thoughts on refueling during a run? Do you use just water, just sports drinks, or a mix? Someone recently told me they only drink sports drinks. 8oz /2 miles. Seemed like a ton to me....thoughts?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Up to Speed

Last weekend was a nice long three day weekend! I got a five mile run in with my mom on Saturday. It was nice to run out in Amish country. The Amish were so kind to move their horse and buggies out of our way so we could run on the wide shoulder. I just felt like that was so nice of them to risk the road for us. We could've easily swung out into the road for a minute after all we were running on their turf!

We were able to get in a lot of family time this weekend and some sun and pool time too! It is nice to have a sun tan finally! I have some crazy lines though. 2 different swimsuit lines, plus lines from my socks, running shorts, and racer back shirts.

My daughter got a cold this weekend which stinks. I am getting less sleep than normal being up with her. So I could really feel the results of that yesterday during my bodyfit class. It seemed a lot harder than usual. I am sure a weekend full of eating brats and ice cream didn't help.

I have to run this evening because it was storming this morning. I actually don't mind running in the rain, but I prefer to not start in a thunderstorm. It is okay if it starts while I am out there though. I realize that is kind of odd!

Today is an exciting day. I get to pickup my antibiotic hormone free cow today! I also get my first summer crops from the CSA. Yeah for fresh food!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Amphipod Review

I purchased the Amphipod RunLite 2+. I have had the opportunity to use it the last three days in the 80 + weather. The first day I only ran 3 miles and it was a lot less bouncy than I expected. I also had it on the tightest that day. I would venture to say it was probably too tight because I was getting cramps, granted I was having female issues anyhow, but nevertheless.
The second day I wore it during my 6 mile run and this time I took my phone along. The first day I was afraid that it would just be added weight I wasn't used to. However, it really didn't seem bulky or heavy at all. I really loved that my phone fit in the pouch and it is a double pouch so I also carried my license and a GU (which I didn't use). I was glad to know all that would fit though. Especially since I have an iPhone so it is typically longer than most cell phones. It was really nice to carry it for once along with some identification. It gave me a sense of safety. This run was extremely hot and humid so another pro was that one of the water bottles hit me right in my lower back and felt like an ice pack during my run. I really liked that. I also have an iPod shuffle and it clipped on really easily. Now that I think about it I guess I could have used my phone for music since I was finally carrying it...I digress.
The third day was the hottest of them all! It was horribly hard to get my 5 miles in. I even got burnt. I was so pleased to have it during this run. I used the squirt bottles several times to give myself a good soak in the face and swollen hands. However, some cons did occur during this run. I was so out of energy I was having a hard time snapping the bottles in and out of the belt. In one part of my run a bottle fell off and I didn't realize it for a few paces so I had to run back and retrieve it. I also have a bruise on my hip from where I was apparently pulling a little hard. The bottles supposedly have a wide open mouth, however, ice cubes out of a standard ice cube tray don't fit.
Some additional pros:
The bottles can go horizontally or vertically. I haven't tried horizontal yet, but I have to believe that would make the belt even more comfortable. I am very happy with vertical placement though. This belt comes in sizes 1,2, and 3. Or fits all. I chose the fits all and I am so glad I did. You can tighten or loosen it quite a bit. Originally I thought I'd want it way down on my hips but I actually feel most comfortable with it at my natural waist while running. On the cool down when I am walking it seems a little awkward that my arms are brushing against it so I just loosen it up a bit and lower it. I also think this will be great if I continue to shed some pounds, which isn't likely with the way I have been eating. It will also be great for after baby #2. No I am not pregnant yet but have every hope and intention of trying after the Chicago Marathon.
So that pretty much sums up the review. I am thrilled with the product! It's not perfect but it works for me and the $28 I invested.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Running Store Sale = Happiness

Do you ever go somewhere totally knowing what you are going to be purchasing but all the sudden you have an arm full of stuff you didn't intend on? Well that is what happened to me when I went to the ladies night sale at our local running store. Three Rivers Running Company isn't a mega store to begin with, but I was shocked when I pulled up 30 minutes after the designated start of the sale and there were no parking spots. Once I got inside to my surprise the whole store was swarming with women!

All of the sudden the crazy shopper in me came out and I felt like there were deals to be had that I couldn't possibly take the chance on missing. I walked out of the store $100 poorer. But I am now the proud owner of a pretty green Nike long sleeve running shirt, 2 new pairs of running shorts, a pair of balega socks, a new sports bra, one Gu, and best of all an amphipod runlite hydration belt (review to come).

I ran 3.25 last night. It was my easy run day. It didn't feel so easy with cramps and 90 degree weather. However, I did have a strong sense of accomplishment when I was done. I certainly could have kept going too. That is always a good feeling!

Today was BodyFit part 3! That class is so stinkin' rewarding. Today we used the body bar quite a bit. I had never used one before. There always that thing you see in the gym that looks interesting but you don't dare pick up and take the risk of looking like a fool. So it was nice to actually learn some moves with it. We really worked our core and legs today. I am so glad I am seeing the results of this class already in my runs. What do you do for core and strength training? How about cross training days?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

BodyFit Part II

I find it so odd that you workout and feel great. Then the next day you feel crippled. I did take Andrea's BodyFit again. I am actually glad I did (even with the old lady walk). She really worked our core, calves, and triceps. Not sure the tricep area will help a lot with my running however, I know it is flab that needs to be toned so I am happy.

I saw a guy at the gym today who said to me, "You have lost a sh**load of weight". Has anyone ever said anything like this to you? It kind of took me aback. I could either slap him and do girl talk in my mind, "so you thought I was a huge bus" or I could choose happiness and in turn gratefulness for his "nice" comment. I chose happiness!

I am feeling really great in my clothes. I am hoping my aching muscles will feel great on Friday too. My wonderful husband and daughter are treating me to a pedicure and deep tissue massage! I am really looking forward to it.

I have a 5 mile run to do this evening. I am also looking forward to that oddly. It is sort of overcast out so hopefully not too humid but it looks breezy from my window in the "cage" (office). I have been super busy with work so I am excited to get out of here relieve some stress and be free.

Dinner tonight is pork shops (probably soy ginger glaze), sauteed vegetables and rice! YUM-O! What are you having?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Back at it

I ran this morning which was a good thing since the rain has officially set in. I just did 3 miles and I am getting faster. Mom ran with me which was nice so we could chat and that made the time fly by. I think we would be a funny movie to watch as close as we are we basically argue through our whole runs. "You are going too fast" "You are getting in my way" etc. It is nice to have a running partner though.

I had a fantastic weekend and it was a little hard to get back in the grind of work. I took Lil to the zoo on Saturday. Lots of walking. We were there for 4 hours and she didn't use a stroller at all. It was really nice to be there with such a big girl. She walked, was easily reasoned with, and I didn't need a diaper bag because she gladly used all the potties!

Sunday was spent cleaning the whole entire house. I love the clean smell. Ryan beautified our yard. He also had an article featured in the Journal Gazette again!

Well not too much to say today. I am going to try to go to a bodyfit class again tomorrow. Wish me luck because my muscles have been sore all week from last weeks torture!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Race Craze

I am officially getting a little crazy when it comes to racing. Not because I intend to win. I just believe it is easier to run in a group rather than practice on my own.

So I signed up for the Fort 4 Fitness 13.1 in September. I realize some people feel doing that while training for a marathon isn't wise. But I already am supposed to run 12 miles that day and I just feel like it will be motivation to actually run it. I also have to go to a conference for work on a Monday in June. It is in Mishawaka which makes for an early morning. As I was looking over the conference schedule I realized I wouldn't be able to get my 3 miles in that morning. However, to my surprise the conference is doing a 5K fun run that evening. So I called and signed myself up for it too! It is paid for by my conference fee, so why not?!? I also know if I just waited until I got home from the conference to run dinner and time with Lillian would come first and run would be put on back burner so I am stoked!

Other concerns you can pray for:
I haven't felt like myself lately. I just feel down and hormonal. Pray for peace of mind and confidence in who I am in the eyes of Christ.

Some of you reading this blog may not know me well so here is a little inside look.

I love:
coffee and cofffeeshop philosophizing, a good deal, a conversation with an individual, farmer's markets, and peanut butter banana whole wheat english muffins

Things I hate:
unloading the dishwasher, people not being authentic with themselves and others, complacency, and that my second toe is larger than the "big" toe and it curls under when I run =black toe nail!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So according to my marathon training I need one day of core work and strengthening. I left this out in the mini training and I do think adding this will really help! Most runs over 8 miles I begin to feel like my stomach is an empty pit so I am sure this will make me feel stronger.

Today I decided to use my Y membership and took a bodyfit class. It was excellent. The instructor is my favorite one there. Okay I haven't actually been in many other instructor's classes but she is really good (her body is proof), she is hilarious (helps pass the time), and she makes me feel like I really pushed myself. We did everything from step, to kick boxing, to core work. It was crazy fun. My muscles were trembling (an odd but good feeling).

I also got to see two friends in the class who are not connected and whom I didn't anticipate seeing. So that was truly a fun suprise. Now I have to hit the road for work South Bend here I come. Rain Rain Go Away....

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mini Marathon =Done!

Well I did the Mini and I am happy I was under 3 hours, however, I didn't get my goal time. I missed it by 7 minutes. My finishing time and PR is 2:55:26. So the good thing is with practice I should be able to beat this.

I am all signed up for the Chicago Marathon on 10,10,10. So lots of training to do in the next 5 months! I even went for a 2.6 miler today. It actually felt good suprisingly. I thought my muscles would still ache but I did 11:40 miles. Not bad for me.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Busy Beaver

I have been busy traveling for work. Literally all but 1 Thursday/Friday this month I am out of town. It is taking its toll and day lights savings time isn't helping either.

I ran 30 with mom last week. We actually walked more than we ran only getting in about 2.5 miles. We were both so drained. Mom had to go to to Cinncy this week to see my Great Grandma who is in currently in the care of hospice. I am planning on going Thursday. I don't know if she will make it. I kind of hope she does, but also realize this is no way to live so a part of me hopes she doesn't.

Tonight we have another 30 minute run. My knee has been hurting all day it obviously needs iced so hopefully it won't be too big a problem. I also just ate a big cookie from the local bakery so I am hoping it turns into power food, in reality it will probably just slow me down!

This weekend is an 8 mile run. 7 was great! So hopefully one more won't kill me and I am planning to do it in Cincinnati so hopefully new scenery will only help!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hump Day and Travel Ahead

I have a 45 minute run to complete tonight. I am feeling so so about it. I am glad that it will be 57ish outside. However, I really don't have very much energy. I think I am still trying to fight a little bug that is trying to overtake me.

Last night mom and I ran 30 minutes together we just took it easy. We did 2.75 miles. No ipods just talking the whole time. It was nice! The weather was spitting rain (actually felt delightful) but it was sort of humid. I feel like Tuesday runs are the worst because I have just had a day off and recovering from longer runs is getting more challenging. I did just buy lots of berries and I think that really helps!

Speaking of recent purchases. I just traded in 2 huge bags of "big-girl" clothes and got $38. So I bought a used Chicco sweater and a pair of used Ann Taylor jeans, size 6!!! I was very happy I had $8 left too. So I headed to the mall. I got a new skirt, black pants, and 4 shirts. All size 6, but definitely cost more than $8! I will count it a win nonetheless.

I travel tomorrow for work. So I am hoping that I can get a good evening run in, either on the Notre Dame campus or at the hotel. I am also planning to take all the reading materials that are piling up for me at home (runner's world mag, old newspapers with Ryan's article, etc). I am really looking forward to the upcoming travel. Being stuck in the office is becoming very mundane!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Emotional Weekend

Friday was my rest day and I had meetings in Marion. It was a sunny day and I enjoyed the nice drive and afternoon tea with a good friend. I also got new running shoes because my old ones had a defective issue. The whole heel broke! The new ones are same brand just updated style, they actually are much more comfortable and cute. So yeah for a free upgrade!

Saturday I ran 6.2 miles in 1 hour and 9 minutes. I felt very sluggish the whole run. I almost didn't go that morning because I was having such bad sinus pain and a horrible stomach ache. However, it turned out to be a beautiful day and not a bad time at all! I will rejoice in a 11 min miles considering less than 3 months ago I was working really hard to be around 12 min miles. I also enjoyed a leisurely evening walk with Lil and Abednego. Lil just loves watching the kids outside. I am sure I won't be able to keep her from the park this spring and summer.

Sunday I only did a mile run. So naturally I was done in less than 11 minutes. It was rather pathetic! It was cold out and my heart/head just wasn't there. I haven't had a good cry in a really long time. I was supposed to get baptized that evening and I just was feeling really sick about it all weekend. So after many tears, a couple good friends prayers, more tears, and talking with the hubby I decided I should wait. I realize that baptism doesn't save you so I just felt like this wasn't my moment. I am still trying to process the whole thing. But I am glad I waited.

I finished Sunday off with milkshakes with mom and some retail therapy! I got a new dress for $5 bucks it only needs slight alterations and a trench that fits like it was made for me. It is super cute. I am really hating my clothes right now nearly everything in my closet is too big. So I think I will be taking it all out and trying to sell it. Then hopefully taking the proceeds and buying some things I can feel good about. In some ways it is hard to part with the fat clothes. Because I worry what if I need them again especially after baby #2. However, I have to keep telling myself I will not go back and this is a lifestyle commitment pregnant or not!!! So maybe parting with them is exactly the next step I need!

Today I am trying to get a lot done at work because I travel later this week. Lillian is sick and I am still fighting whatever I have. I might breakdown and schedule a dr appt. I have a running rest day today too. I am very thankful I still just feel worn down and need some time to recoup. I am logging all my food this week. I have struggled not losing lately because I am getting lazy with logging calories. So I am committed this week anyway!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

How it all came to be

In November 2009 after reaching an all time high for my weight 166lbs (scary to be this authentic!) I decided to start working to lose weight. I realized this had to be a lifestyle change so I began working out 5 days a week and logging my calories on livestrong.com. I was having great success but knew I had to set a tangible goal. So the goal became to be at a all time record low of 145lbs. I cannot ever in my life remember being under 150.

On January 1, 2010 I decided the goal needed to turn into a New Year's resolution to accomplish by my daughter's second birthday on March 31, 2o1o. I realized I couldn't keep using my pregnancy as a reason for the extra weight from 2 years ago!

January 8th, 2010 I decided to begin training for the Indy Mini Marathon and give my husband the time to focus on school work. So I will be taking his place on May 8th, 2010. New goal is to beat his time from last year which was 3hrs. 36min! (what I am competitive).

Present Day (March 4, 2010)
I ran 3.04 miles in 30 minutes on Tuesday! A huge success for me. To give you an idea of the accomplishment last May I ran a 5K in 43min. So we are talking nearly 13 minutes cut off my time. I currently weigh 147lbs a record low for me! I still have 26 days to lose the extra 2lbs to meet my goal and I definitely think it is possible! I am now not as focused on the weight number. I just want to continue to progress in looking and feeling well. I haven't been as great about logging calories, but with all the running I don't need to be. I also have a better knowledge of just how many calories are in things anyway. So that is the back story and the present day....so let the journey begin!