Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Busy Beaver

I have been busy traveling for work. Literally all but 1 Thursday/Friday this month I am out of town. It is taking its toll and day lights savings time isn't helping either.

I ran 30 with mom last week. We actually walked more than we ran only getting in about 2.5 miles. We were both so drained. Mom had to go to to Cinncy this week to see my Great Grandma who is in currently in the care of hospice. I am planning on going Thursday. I don't know if she will make it. I kind of hope she does, but also realize this is no way to live so a part of me hopes she doesn't.

Tonight we have another 30 minute run. My knee has been hurting all day it obviously needs iced so hopefully it won't be too big a problem. I also just ate a big cookie from the local bakery so I am hoping it turns into power food, in reality it will probably just slow me down!

This weekend is an 8 mile run. 7 was great! So hopefully one more won't kill me and I am planning to do it in Cincinnati so hopefully new scenery will only help!

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