Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Tuesday from the Cage

I had one of those mornings in my bodyfit class where I felt energized and excited about how far I have come with my strength. Things that used to seem impossible are now no problem at all. I am really hoping all the time I am devoting toward strength and core will pay off in Chicago!

I have been struggling a little with my arches being very painful like tight balls. I've heard doing more calve stretches may help so I will try to be a better stretcher. I did rub a my foot on a tennis ball and that did seem to help a little this morning. Are you a good stretcher? Any Advice? I am not, I seem to always rush through a couple stretches after my run and then feel the need to hit the shower quickly before work.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a hot one in my neck of the woods. So I am going to shoot for a very early run. We'll see how I do when the alarm clock chirps!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Fabulous Father's Day Weekend

I had a great weekend. I got up early Saturday morning and got my 6 miles in. I was really feeling it though, because Friday (my typical rest day) I did 3 workout classes.

I woke up Friday in a funk and knew I needed to hit the gym if I wanted to be a normal person. I did one class and then decided to stay for Zumba b/c I thought that would perk me up and make me feel better. After that I thought, still not feeling great so I will stay for one more. Boy did I pay the price during my Saturday run! I was actually still feeling it today during my 3 miles. I did roll my feet on a tennis ball this morning and it did seem to help quite a bit.

Saturday ended great though b/c I got to go to a really nice wedding with my husband. It was nice to get all dressed up, travel together minus our daughter, dance, eat, talk. The simple things. Sunday morning we slept in later than we can remember doing in years!!! We picked up our daughter from Grandma's and had a fun filled day. I love those simple days when not a lot happens but you just soak up and enjoy life!

It is raining right now and I am dreaming about cake and coffee. So I will sign off for now and go get some coffee out of the break room, too bad there is no cake!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What is wrong with me

I just haven't been feeling up to working out much at all. Yesterday my dad wanted some help getting my mom some jewelry and that sounded like a totally suitable reason for abandoning my bodyfit class (which I typically love).

This morning I only had to run 3 miles but I struggled through it until the last 1/2 mile. I just didn't want to get up. I had a headache I feel swollen from the heat. I just feel yuck. However, once I pushed through. I actually had a decent time and a good run. There was a pretty nice breeze when I would run west. That actually made me smile because in a few weeks I will be in FL! I know it will be very hot and humid on my runs there, but the ocean breeze will make it all okay!

How has your training been going? What do you do when you get in a slump?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Running??? Not so much..

With my hubby out of town last week and catching my daughter's cold I was pretty much out for the count. I only ran two times the whole week! I did manage to get in five miles Saturday though. I realized that running has really become more therapeutic than I realized. Here all this time I have thought I just have to do this to stay fit physically. I had no idea what it was doing for my stress level! I felt so easily aggravated and irritated last week. This one has started off much better though! I ran in the muggy humidity this morning and am feeling back to normal.

I also got an awesome new CD to run with. It is a Women of Faith Worship CD. It had a much better beat than I thought it would honestly. It really kept me fired up on my morning run. I love when I can start my morning with a run, a clear my mind, be uplifted by all the beauty that surrounds me, get home with immense thankfulness for the beautiful faces that are waiting for me, and head to the shower with a bold bodied wonderful smelling coffee in tow!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Bounty

Yesterday was a great day! I had to run 3 miles and was semi forced to do it on the "dreadmill". I really pushed myself though and did a 5K in 36minutes. I was quite pleased. I was dripping wet. I hate that the gym always feels like hot stale air!

I jumped off the treadmill ran to my car and hightailed it across town to pick up the bounty! We got 1/4 an Angus hormone and antibiotic free cow! I am so excited to try the fresh healthy meat and all the different cuts. Yesterday was also the first day of our summer CSA so we got loads of wonderful organic produce including fresh strawberries!!!

Last night for dinner I had a salad made with spinach and spring greens, pea sprouts, corn, black beans, red onion, tomato, edamame, cilantro, and 100 cal pack of cheese, with a squeeze lime juice salad. I also indulged in a 110 everything bagel with a triangle of laughing cow cheese. It was amazing!!!

This morning after my 5 miler I had amazing oats! Oats made with water and 1T of skim. A dollop of fat free cool whip, fresh peach slices, and a sprinkle of brown sugar. This will likely be a summer staple meal. It was so filling and so delicious. Kind of tasted like peach pie or cobbler for breakfast!!!

What do you like to eat for breakfast? Pre-run or Post? What are your thoughts on refueling during a run? Do you use just water, just sports drinks, or a mix? Someone recently told me they only drink sports drinks. 8oz /2 miles. Seemed like a ton to me....thoughts?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Up to Speed

Last weekend was a nice long three day weekend! I got a five mile run in with my mom on Saturday. It was nice to run out in Amish country. The Amish were so kind to move their horse and buggies out of our way so we could run on the wide shoulder. I just felt like that was so nice of them to risk the road for us. We could've easily swung out into the road for a minute after all we were running on their turf!

We were able to get in a lot of family time this weekend and some sun and pool time too! It is nice to have a sun tan finally! I have some crazy lines though. 2 different swimsuit lines, plus lines from my socks, running shorts, and racer back shirts.

My daughter got a cold this weekend which stinks. I am getting less sleep than normal being up with her. So I could really feel the results of that yesterday during my bodyfit class. It seemed a lot harder than usual. I am sure a weekend full of eating brats and ice cream didn't help.

I have to run this evening because it was storming this morning. I actually don't mind running in the rain, but I prefer to not start in a thunderstorm. It is okay if it starts while I am out there though. I realize that is kind of odd!

Today is an exciting day. I get to pickup my antibiotic hormone free cow today! I also get my first summer crops from the CSA. Yeah for fresh food!!!