Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Tuesday from the Cage

I had one of those mornings in my bodyfit class where I felt energized and excited about how far I have come with my strength. Things that used to seem impossible are now no problem at all. I am really hoping all the time I am devoting toward strength and core will pay off in Chicago!

I have been struggling a little with my arches being very painful like tight balls. I've heard doing more calve stretches may help so I will try to be a better stretcher. I did rub a my foot on a tennis ball and that did seem to help a little this morning. Are you a good stretcher? Any Advice? I am not, I seem to always rush through a couple stretches after my run and then feel the need to hit the shower quickly before work.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a hot one in my neck of the woods. So I am going to shoot for a very early run. We'll see how I do when the alarm clock chirps!

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