Monday, June 21, 2010

Fabulous Father's Day Weekend

I had a great weekend. I got up early Saturday morning and got my 6 miles in. I was really feeling it though, because Friday (my typical rest day) I did 3 workout classes.

I woke up Friday in a funk and knew I needed to hit the gym if I wanted to be a normal person. I did one class and then decided to stay for Zumba b/c I thought that would perk me up and make me feel better. After that I thought, still not feeling great so I will stay for one more. Boy did I pay the price during my Saturday run! I was actually still feeling it today during my 3 miles. I did roll my feet on a tennis ball this morning and it did seem to help quite a bit.

Saturday ended great though b/c I got to go to a really nice wedding with my husband. It was nice to get all dressed up, travel together minus our daughter, dance, eat, talk. The simple things. Sunday morning we slept in later than we can remember doing in years!!! We picked up our daughter from Grandma's and had a fun filled day. I love those simple days when not a lot happens but you just soak up and enjoy life!

It is raining right now and I am dreaming about cake and coffee. So I will sign off for now and go get some coffee out of the break room, too bad there is no cake!

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