Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Up to Speed

Last weekend was a nice long three day weekend! I got a five mile run in with my mom on Saturday. It was nice to run out in Amish country. The Amish were so kind to move their horse and buggies out of our way so we could run on the wide shoulder. I just felt like that was so nice of them to risk the road for us. We could've easily swung out into the road for a minute after all we were running on their turf!

We were able to get in a lot of family time this weekend and some sun and pool time too! It is nice to have a sun tan finally! I have some crazy lines though. 2 different swimsuit lines, plus lines from my socks, running shorts, and racer back shirts.

My daughter got a cold this weekend which stinks. I am getting less sleep than normal being up with her. So I could really feel the results of that yesterday during my bodyfit class. It seemed a lot harder than usual. I am sure a weekend full of eating brats and ice cream didn't help.

I have to run this evening because it was storming this morning. I actually don't mind running in the rain, but I prefer to not start in a thunderstorm. It is okay if it starts while I am out there though. I realize that is kind of odd!

Today is an exciting day. I get to pickup my antibiotic hormone free cow today! I also get my first summer crops from the CSA. Yeah for fresh food!!!


  1. Sounds I need to run in Amish country. Had to dodge dump truck today who clearly saw me and didn't care if he ran me over

  2. Wowww running through amish country sounds so interesting! And I hope your daughter gets better! Have fun with the fresh food :D