Monday, June 14, 2010

Running??? Not so much..

With my hubby out of town last week and catching my daughter's cold I was pretty much out for the count. I only ran two times the whole week! I did manage to get in five miles Saturday though. I realized that running has really become more therapeutic than I realized. Here all this time I have thought I just have to do this to stay fit physically. I had no idea what it was doing for my stress level! I felt so easily aggravated and irritated last week. This one has started off much better though! I ran in the muggy humidity this morning and am feeling back to normal.

I also got an awesome new CD to run with. It is a Women of Faith Worship CD. It had a much better beat than I thought it would honestly. It really kept me fired up on my morning run. I love when I can start my morning with a run, a clear my mind, be uplifted by all the beauty that surrounds me, get home with immense thankfulness for the beautiful faces that are waiting for me, and head to the shower with a bold bodied wonderful smelling coffee in tow!

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  1. I'm so much like you... one of my favorite parts of running is coming up with my playlist the night before because I try to figure out what songs I want to "set the tone" for the day. I run right before the sun comes up so I feel like I "bring in the sun" with my running and music. It's just a great feeling! I hope you are able to complete all your runs next week! Get better!