Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fallen Toenail

I ran 8 last Saturday and it was great! When I think of all the land I covered I actually can't believe it was only 8 miles. It felt great though and I felt like I could have done more miles if I would have needed to.

Unfortunately, my feet were really hurting that evening! Then my toenail on my recently pedicured feet fell off!!! YUCK! Luckily there is a toenail of sorts under there so I guess I will slap some polish on it and now worry about the nasty little booger.

I am getting ready to go to FL for a little over a week! I am really excited for a relaxing vacation and sandy beach runs. Hopefully I control my eating. I have been eating like crazy lately all the wrong stuff, particularly sweets which I don't typically even crave.

I am supposed to run 10 miles Sat. However, I will be in the car for my 20 hour trip so I plan on running it first thing Sunday. I am hoping that it will feel great after being couped up for a full day prior!

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