Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back from Vaca

I loved our beach vacation! It was so relaxing and like all vacations ended to quickly. I did actually get out there and run my 10 miles on Sunday. It was nice to have a new running scene. I have been running now for about 8 months and am really getting sick of the same old houses, streets, dogs, etc.

I also learned that southern Florida running feels much different than Indiana running. I was drinking way more water and was just dripping. I could have wrung out my shorts! I'm not sure if being so hot or the ocean salt water did something to my muscles or what, but I was actually less sore the day after than I am here on much shorter distances! That was nice.

I feel like between running (not as much as I needed to to) and swimming/body surfing, I should have maintained my weight. Turns out that wasn't the case. I guess all the eating out didn't help! Ryan and I ate some amazing meals. I gained 3.5 lbs. I am actually not that upset. I assume getting back in the routine will allow me to take it off pretty quickly. It was also a good reminder that this has to continue to be a lifestyle for me!

Last night I did a 7 mile run by myself (my mom /running partner got hurt) with new tunes it was a nice change. I also used my first GU not a huge fan of the texture. Flavor was okay. I did feel like it helped me finish strong, but that could have been mental. Ryan refilled my bottles after mile 5 that was nice and made me feel loved to be able to swing by the house and hand them off. I also got totally spooked last night. I ran down a road I shouldn't have in the country and had a deer run out in front of me. I was just positive a coyote was going to eat my head, a skunk was going to spray, the deer was going to come back for me, or a snake was going to come back for me. I think I ran that mile in nearly half the time it typically takes. I wasn't working on intervals either! I also forgot about a dog that sits in its front yard (it was dark) and he scared the crap out of me. He is a yellow lab but is probably the size of me so when I was running by and saw him dart out of no where I thought for sure my jaw would never come unlocked and my toenail would surely fall off from tensing up and digging it into the ground! YIKES!!!

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  1. New tunes are always fun! I've been experimenting with my first GU too. I absolutely hated the berry one but chocolate was pretty good!