Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hump Day and Travel Ahead

I have a 45 minute run to complete tonight. I am feeling so so about it. I am glad that it will be 57ish outside. However, I really don't have very much energy. I think I am still trying to fight a little bug that is trying to overtake me.

Last night mom and I ran 30 minutes together we just took it easy. We did 2.75 miles. No ipods just talking the whole time. It was nice! The weather was spitting rain (actually felt delightful) but it was sort of humid. I feel like Tuesday runs are the worst because I have just had a day off and recovering from longer runs is getting more challenging. I did just buy lots of berries and I think that really helps!

Speaking of recent purchases. I just traded in 2 huge bags of "big-girl" clothes and got $38. So I bought a used Chicco sweater and a pair of used Ann Taylor jeans, size 6!!! I was very happy I had $8 left too. So I headed to the mall. I got a new skirt, black pants, and 4 shirts. All size 6, but definitely cost more than $8! I will count it a win nonetheless.

I travel tomorrow for work. So I am hoping that I can get a good evening run in, either on the Notre Dame campus or at the hotel. I am also planning to take all the reading materials that are piling up for me at home (runner's world mag, old newspapers with Ryan's article, etc). I am really looking forward to the upcoming travel. Being stuck in the office is becoming very mundane!

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