Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So according to my marathon training I need one day of core work and strengthening. I left this out in the mini training and I do think adding this will really help! Most runs over 8 miles I begin to feel like my stomach is an empty pit so I am sure this will make me feel stronger.

Today I decided to use my Y membership and took a bodyfit class. It was excellent. The instructor is my favorite one there. Okay I haven't actually been in many other instructor's classes but she is really good (her body is proof), she is hilarious (helps pass the time), and she makes me feel like I really pushed myself. We did everything from step, to kick boxing, to core work. It was crazy fun. My muscles were trembling (an odd but good feeling).

I also got to see two friends in the class who are not connected and whom I didn't anticipate seeing. So that was truly a fun suprise. Now I have to hit the road for work South Bend here I come. Rain Rain Go Away....


  1. Bodyfit sounds cool! That's awesome that you tried it. I'm pretty bad about strength/core training with my running schedule... but the swimming I do once or twice a week fits that, right? :) Once you start getting into longer runs have you thought about or tried using gels?

  2. I have thought about them but not sure if it would just upset my stomach. I've heard they can be hard to get used to. Are you doing 4 for the marathon? That is what I have read is average. Do you want to send me your nasty ones?