Friday, May 14, 2010

Race Craze

I am officially getting a little crazy when it comes to racing. Not because I intend to win. I just believe it is easier to run in a group rather than practice on my own.

So I signed up for the Fort 4 Fitness 13.1 in September. I realize some people feel doing that while training for a marathon isn't wise. But I already am supposed to run 12 miles that day and I just feel like it will be motivation to actually run it. I also have to go to a conference for work on a Monday in June. It is in Mishawaka which makes for an early morning. As I was looking over the conference schedule I realized I wouldn't be able to get my 3 miles in that morning. However, to my surprise the conference is doing a 5K fun run that evening. So I called and signed myself up for it too! It is paid for by my conference fee, so why not?!? I also know if I just waited until I got home from the conference to run dinner and time with Lillian would come first and run would be put on back burner so I am stoked!

Other concerns you can pray for:
I haven't felt like myself lately. I just feel down and hormonal. Pray for peace of mind and confidence in who I am in the eyes of Christ.

Some of you reading this blog may not know me well so here is a little inside look.

I love:
coffee and cofffeeshop philosophizing, a good deal, a conversation with an individual, farmer's markets, and peanut butter banana whole wheat english muffins

Things I hate:
unloading the dishwasher, people not being authentic with themselves and others, complacency, and that my second toe is larger than the "big" toe and it curls under when I run =black toe nail!

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  1. Great luck with the fundraising! And have you searched for running groups in your area? I didn't realize how many groups were out there til I started looking and it might save you some of those race fees ;)